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ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2

ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2

  • ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2
  • ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2
  • ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2
  • ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2
ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: YUYANG
Certification: ISO 5658-2, ASTM E 1317, IMO Resolution A. 653(16)
Model Number: YYF-047
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Plywood Packing
Delivery Time: 15-30 work days
Supply Ability: 5 Unit/Units per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Power:: Electronic, AC 220V, 50/60Hz Console Size:: 600(W)*750(D)*1,600(H)mm
Weight: 300KG Control Way:: Computer
Packaging Details: Plywood Packing Tool:: Methane, PC, Compressed Gas, Camcorde....
High Light:

flame test equipment


flammability test apparatus


ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2



I. Product introduction:


The flame extension tester was developed and produced according to the ISO5658-2 standard, while meeting the requirements of IMO FTP Code Resolution a. 653(16) and ASTM E 1317.For the determination of transverse flame propagation performance of building products, flame propagation performance / flame spread speed can be used to assess the flame retardant performance of materials.

The equipment through the gas radiation heat radiation board, using imported heat flow meter calibration radiation heat, lit by mixing gas burner sample to test the material in the case of certain radiation heat of combustion; Sample is exposed to the area where the radiation flux is clearly calibrated, Measurement of ignition time, flame spread and final extinction time. The test sample is placed in a vertical position, Adjacent radiant panel, Exposure to areas with clear calibration of radiant flux.The ignition flame is close to the test sample, but does not contact the test sample, the hot end of sample is ignited by an evaporation gas on the surface, after ignition, record the development of flame forward, and record the time when flame forward is burned on the surface of the sample to each calibration distance.Then test materials include the ignition heat, continuous combustion heat, critical flow rate, average heat of continuous combustion, total heat release quantity and other related parameters.



2. Standards:


ISO 5658-2: flame propagation, part 2: extent of flame spread on the side of the building product.

GB/T 28752-2012: horizontal spreading test method for flame on vertical surface.

IMO FTP Code Resolution a. 653(16) : proposal for flammability test procedure for bulkhead, ceiling and deck materials (optional)

ASTM E 1317: standard test method for flammability of ship surface coatings.



3. Structural features.


3.1. Box body is made of stainless steel, beautiful and corrosion resistant; easy to clean up; main frame: consists of two independent parts: burner frame and sample support frame.The two parts are bolted together,and there are bolts to be flexible for mechanical adjustment.

3.2 Center height of the radiant panel is (1200±100)mm,radiant panel radiation surface and surface before (15 ± 3 )°, can be fine-tuning

3.3 Radiation board size is 480mm x 280mm, made of porous refractory ceramic tiles; the radiation intensity can reach about 62kw/m2, surface temperature of about 750 ℃.

3.4 Burner: (200 + 10) mm long double hole ceramic tube, inside diameter 6 mm, each longitudinal hole diameter is 6mm, with propane and air flow meter, adjustable small flame height, to achieve the standard (230 + 20) mm high flame requirements.

3.5 Observation level: it is easy for users to observe the flame spread; made of stainless steel, horizontal and vertical direction setting, span 50 mm;

3.6 Equipped with sample installation guide, Made of stainless steel. Heat and corrosion resistance;The sample is installed as a pull-out type;

3.7 Viewer: Equipped with Angle adjustable viewing mirror (750mm x 120mm), During the test, the flame spread rate can be observed through glass mirror and sample rake, and can be recorded automatically by foot switch.

3.8 Sample size: 808mm length and 250mm wide. Made of thick (3 + 0.2) mm stainless steel plate.

3.9 Sample chimney, 1, It is made of stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 ±0.05mm. Gas and chimney metal compensation thermocouple.

3.10 Calibration plate: length (795 + 1) mm, wide mm, thick (25±2) mm noncombustible board.Drying density (950 ±100) kg/m3.There are 8 holes with a diameter of 25mm, and the hole spacing is 100mm + 1mm;

3.11 Backboard and positioning plate:The back plate is 800mm long and 155mm wide, thick (12.5±3)mm noncombustible board, drying density (950 ±100) kg/m3, positioning sheet material is the same as the back plate, width (25± 2) mm.



4. Thermal radiation system:


4.1 Radiant panel temperature controller: prevent the flame from turning to the rear of the radiator panel, check the internal temperature of the radiator panel, and automatically cut off the gas solenoid valve in the case of flame current.

4.2 The radiation plate is applied to the heat flow of the specimen, and the gradient decreases along the length of the specimen. The starting point is 50KW/m2, and the end is 1.5kw/m2.

4.3 United States imported the MEDTHERM plug type(Schmidt-Boelter ) thermoelectric reactor heat flow meter, measuring range of 80KW/m2, water-cooled heat flow meter. Large nonlinear plus or minus 2%; Repeatability plus or minus 0.5%;

4.4 Gas supply: equipped with pressure reducing valve, zero pressure valve, tempering valve, solenoid valve and mixer, the mixture of good air and gas to the radiant panel.

4.5 A porous calibration plate is provided and a sliding heat flow meter is used to detect whether the radiant flux meets the standard requirements.



5. Control system:


5.1 Flame length of ignition source is 230 plus or minus 20mm, the propane flow is 0.4l /s, and the air flow is 1.0l /min.

5.2 Source gas flow: gas can be methane, natural gas, propane, flow rate is greater than 1.0l /s, and the flow control system is less than 1% between 0.5L/s~ 1.5l /s.

5.3 Air flow is greater than 9.0L/s, and the error of the flow control system is less than 1% between 5L/s~15L/s, and the air pipeline contains the filter.

5.4 Imported brand pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge, accurate control of gas pressure;

5.5 All radiant panel combustion control system safety explosion-proof, check valve, the gas solenoid valve can prevent gas return;

5.6 The camera can observe and save the testing process in a program.

5.7 19 "analysis frame can measure flame spread rate, critical flow rate and heat release rate.

5.8 Data acquisition system can store the image of flame spread length and combustion characteristics.

5.9 Radiant panel burner system is fully automated, with spark ignition and safety lock, all control systems are explosion-proof;

5.10 IMO allows all calibration, testing, test results to be printed (IMO, ISO) easier (optional);

5.11 Standard control cabinet, computer +Labview intelligent control system;The interface is friendlier and the test is more intelligent.


Power: Electronic, AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Console Size: 600(W)*750(D)*1,600(H)mm
Weight 300KG
Control way: Computer
Packaging Details Plywood Packing
Tool: Methane, PC, compressed gas, camcorde....


ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2 0ASTM E1317 Electronic Radiant Panel IMO Flame Spread Testing Equipment ISO 5658-2 1

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